Give Local York

Wow! We thank you for your generous gifts during GLY’s day of giving May 2-3. Supporting life isn’t limited to one day…it happens every day, and you have been an integral part of this journey!

Together we raised a total of


Thanks to these donations we will begin construction of the new Educational Resource Building in July.

YOU make a bold statement through your giving and shine a light on the value of life for the unborn child, on mothers and fathers. With our deepest gratitude, thank you for helping us reach women and men, and empowering them with the skills and resources necessary to make a choice for life. Pray for God’s continued leading of our ministry and services, as we expand our footprint in the coming months.

After 39 years serving York County, HLS is embarking on a large-scale renovation project which will increase our footprint and provide more room for Options Counseling, Medical Services, a stronger focus on Fathers during initial appointments, while designating a special space as an Educational Resource Room for parents and their children!

This new space will be ADA accessible, become our main counseling room for the Care Program and become the new material support boutique. This allows for an additional medical testing room and private counseling for fathers in our main building plus additional Care Program counseling rooms.

This complete project will cost over $200,000. HLS has been saving; however, we need your help to raise $75,000-$100,000 to cover the gap. Will you consider making a gift of any amount during Give Local York from 9pm May 2 through midnight May 3 to help us reach this goal? You can mail or drop off your donations dated April 1 through May 3rd or click here during the 24hr county wide giving period.

We are trusting God for his provisions and excited to expand our services! Together we are partners for life, one heartbeat at a time.

For more information on this project, and or how you can support these efforts, call 717-854-7615 or email