About Us

Since 1985, Human Life Services has been offering life-affirming care to our community’s women, children, and men. We believe the most effective way to save a baby’s life is to first care for the mother, who often finds herself alone and in a seemingly impossible situation.

Core Values

Human Life Services:

  • is a faith-based outreach; we share the teachings and principles of Jesus Christ with women facing unplanned pregnancies.
  • is committed to providing our clients with accurate facts about fetal development, abortion, adoption, and parenting, along with other valuable information.
  • never advises, provides, or refers for surgical or medical abortions.
  • offers assistance free of charge at all times.
  • operates with integrity at all times in dealing with clients and provides any promised information and services.
  • helps women throughout their pregnancies by providing emotional support, practical assistance, and providing post-pregnancy and post-abortion support.
  • recognizes each individual as having value and continues to provide support regardless of the client’s pregnancy decision.
  • is committed to creating awareness of the fact that abortion only compounds human needs rather than resolving them.
  • will not engage in contraceptive counseling, in referring for contraceptives, or in providing contraceptive services.
  • does not discriminate in providing services because of the ethnicity, creed, national origin, disabilities, age, or marital status of its clients.
  • recognizes the validity of adoption as a viable alternative to abortion but is not biased toward adoption over parenting.
  • is independent of any adoption agencies and considers them one of many helpful resources; we receive no payment of any kind from these agencies, do not enter into contractual relationships with them, and do not share office space.

Mission Statement

Human Life Services is a life-affirming, Christ-centered pregnancy care organization serving York through medical services, peer counseling, education, and community referrals.

There is still much work to be done, but with God’s help, we can make abortion unthinkable.